How to Run a Weave Software Upgrade

If you already have a version of Weave running, you can upgrade it to the latest version released.

(warning) This page is valid if you are already running a 2.6 version of Weave and are looking to upgrade to a later minor release (a point release). 

You should perform the upgrade as the same user that performed the initial installation, or the owner of the Weave installation directory, otherwise, the updater may not be able to modify/delete existing files.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Download the Updater file as directed by the new release email from the Weave Support System or from the Latest Downloads page. 
  2. If you're running Weave as a service, stop the existing Weave service. If Weave is not running as a service, shut it down (e.g. run c:\weave\shutdown.cmd).

  3. The Updater file is a .jar file so it needs Java to run. If you don't have Java installed you can use the Java executable that was installed with your current installation of Weave (e.g. C:\weave\jre\bin).
    Note: occasionally updates to the Weave JRE are included in the update and running the updater with the Weave JRE may fail because some of the JRE files are in use, in this situation copy the Weave JRE directory to a temporary location and run it from there.
    e.g. Copy c:\weave\jre\ to c:\temp\jre\ and use c:\temp\jre\bin\, rather than c:\weave\jre\bin\, in the step 4, then delete the c:\temp\jre\ directory when the update is complete.

  4. It is recommended that you make a copy of your existing Weave installation before the upgrade. You can then remove the backup once you are satisfied that the new installation is ready.

    The updater will change the content of the ...\weave\platform directory, but it will not touch any of your configuration files (it will also update ...\weave\version.txt).

    The steps below give you an example of how this would be done in a Windows environment (assuming the current version is 2.5.18).

    Current Weave folder = c:\weave
    Copied Weave backup folder = c:\weave-2-6-8
    Weave downloaded updater file = c:\downloads\weave-updater-2.6.9.jar

    1. Copy the existing Weave folder, c:\weave, to backup Weave folder, c:\weave-2-6-8
    2. Delete all the log files from the C:\weave\logs folder.
    3. On a Windows Command Line, run:
        cd c:\weave\jre\bin
        java -jar c:\downloads\weave-updater-2.6.9.jar c:\weave
      This will perform an automated update, alternatively, you can use the Weave update wizard which will take you through the update (including the path to the Weave instance to upgrade) if you don't include the Weave directory in the command line. For example:
        cd c:\weave\jre\bin
        java -jar c:\downloads\weave-updater-2.6.9.jar
  5. If you're running Weave as a service then restart the service, or use startup.cmd if you're not, and test that the updated instance starts and works correctly.
  6. Once you have tested the new version of Weave you can remove the old backup.



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