How to Install a Weave Patch

If you have encountered a problem with Weave, you may be provided with a "patch" to rectify just this particular issue.

Installing a patch will keep you on the same version of Weave, it will just update the files specific to that problem. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Download the patch from the link provided in your support ticket; this will generally be in the form of a .jar file.
  2. Copy this .jar file into the plugins directory (..\weave\platform\plugins).
    • You can leave the old .jar file in the plugins directory as Weave will look for the latest file when running. 
  3. Stop Weave.
  4. Delete everything in the ...\weave\platform\configuration directory except for the file config.ini file and felix.fileinstall directory (if it exists).
  5. Start Weave.
  6. Test, and confirm that this fixes your issue. 
  7. Notify Weave Support Team of the results of your testing. 

If this patch is relevant to other Weave customers (i.e. not site specific) it will be rolled out as part of a regular update or hotfix.