Developers Guide

This guide provides the information required to extend and modify the Weave libraries and also create new components Cohga has not yet implemented.

Weave is made up of many different components which contribute to the entire system. Weave provides many ways to connect and consume data without being reliant on vendor specific technology. This is accomplished by using Open, State of the Art components that allow Weave to adapt to your internal data requirements instead of you having to go down a path of 'Vendor lock in'.

We invite you to think about the possibilities available now that you are running Weave. No longer are you required to move along a path that is either not necessary or that you are not ready to take. Your data can come from a variety of sources, be it Open Source or Proprietary. You can pick and choose the best software that meets your needs and be assured that Weave can integrate with it. You also have the freedom to extend Weave to suit your needs. With Weave it is now possible to think in other dimensions when looking at ways to expose data to your users and how to best manage that process.

Intended Audience