A Bookmark identifies a particular location that you want to save and refer to later. A Bookmark saves the map extent, map layers that are displayed, Redlines created and the Active Layer you have set, and the selection for that Active Layer (from version 2.5 29). You can also use Bookmarks to highlight areas on your map that you want others to see.

The Bookmark tool allows you to add, share, manage, and publish Bookmarks.

Bookmarks are either private to you or can be published for access by other users.

A Shared Bookmark is a new concept that was introduced to Weave in version 2.5.29 . A user can "share" a Bookmark using the Share Bookmark tool. 

A Shared Bookmark creates a URL which can be copied or sent as an email. When used, this URL will open Weave, and zoom to, display layer, display Redlines, set the Active Layer and/or include a selection as specified when the Bookmark was created. 

Bookmarks Menu


The Bookmarks menu has four options which are discussed in this section.