Email Server

Setting up a SMTP server

To be able to send any emails from Weave you must provide Weave with the details of a mail server that will be used to send the emails.
This is done using the com.cohga.server.mail configuration options

Basic mail server setup

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <config  xmlns="urn:com.cohga.server.config#1.0" xmlns:mail="urn:com.cohga.server.mail#1.0">     <mail:smtp>         <host></host>         <username>myuser</username>         <password>ENCEAUFJCUABCFXEMFQABFJEBZJAKFCXGME</password>     </mail:smtp> </config>

The smtp config requires at least the host property, to provide the hostname or ip address of the mail server. It may also requires the username and password setting if the mail server requires authentication before it will send any email (the password can be encrypted using the encrpyt command and the osgi prompt).
Additionally any setting supported by the Java Mail API may also be specified, by removing the mail.smtp. prefix from the setting and including it in the smtp config.
The available Java Mail API setting are available here.

There should only ever be one SMTP server configured for Weave.
Multiple components that support emailing will all use the same SMTP server to send their emails.