Administration Tool

Accessing the Administration Tool

The Weave Administration Tool is a web-based application which allows you, as the Weave Administrator, to view and edit Weave configuration files. The Administration Tool is accessed via this URL:

<hostname or IP address>:<port>/weave/admin.html
(where Weave itself is run at: http://<hostname or IP address>/weave/main.html)

The Tools

The tools available through the Administration Tool are described in the following sections:

Most of the tools available through the Administration Tool are also available through the Weave Console. However, unlike the Weave Console, the Administration Tool is always available and not reliant on you having access to the server Weave is installed on (the Weave server). If you are able to run a telnet session to the Weave server, you will get the same access as what you get via the Console window in the Administration Tool.

Customising the Admin Tool Windows

In some of the windows in the Admin Tool you can add/remove columns by clicking on the column heading and selecting/deselecting column names from the list displayed as shown below.