How to Debug a BIRT Report

When you have a BIRT Report that is not giving the output you were expecting, it can be useful to obtain debugging information from BIRT. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Create a file called file in the  ..\weave\platform\workspace directory (e.g. C:\weave_dev\platform\workspace) and add the line below:

    File to enable BIRT logging
  2. Restart Weave.
  3. This will enable BIRT logging which will be written to the  ..\weave\platform\workspace\.birt\logs folder (e.g. C:\weave_dev\platform\workspace\.birt\logs).
  4. Run the problematic BIRT report and check the newly created log file for errors. 
  5. To turn off this logging, either comment out the line as shown below (that way you have the file for the next time you need to use it) and restart Weave,

    File to disable BIRT logging

    or delete the file and restart Weave.


Also refer to the following sections of the Weave System Administrator Guides: