How to Update Weave Help Content

Weave Help can be customised for your project/implementation of Weave rather than using the default Weave Help pages.


  1. Create a temporary directory that has the same name as the help content bundle, e.g. c:\temp\\
    where: x.y.z will be the version number of the bundle, not "x.y.z"

  2. Copy the platform\plugins\ file into the directory you just created.

  3. Change the file extension from jar to zip.

  4. Extract the zip file into the directory. This should create client\ and META-INF\ directories.

  5. Delete the original .zip file.

  6. You can now start modifying the help pages as standard HTML pages. Each modification will require a number of steps as the menu, icon and page content may need to be created/modified.

  7. Firstly we’ll add a new item to the menu by modifying the HelpContent.js file under the client\js\actions\ folder. To add an entry (e.g. Example) to the Miscellaneous menu, the following entry needs to be added to the JavaScript file:

    Weave.HelpMgr.add("Miscellaneous", "Example", 'resources/weave/help/html/misc/Example.html', 'icon-map');
  8. The icon used for this new menu item is specified at the end of the entry added above. The icons used are the same as any icons used in Weave. Refer to the Icons section on this page for further details on icon use.

  9. The new entry requires a corresponding HTML file and it will also use an image on the page. The HTML file (e.g. Example.html) is placed under the client\resources\weave\help\html\ folder or sub-folder. The image (e.g. example.jpg) is placed under the client\resources\weave\help\images\misc\ folder or sub-folder.

  10. The recommended process for creating your customised help page is to copy an existing help HTML page and modify it. The result could be as shown below.

    <div class="body-wrap">   <h1>Example header</h1>   <div class="description">     Help text goes here.   </div>   <div class="help-image">     <img src="resources/weave/help/images/misc/example.jpg"/>   </div> </div>
  11. Once you’ve modified the help files as much as you require, move the entire updated com.cohga.client.weave.content_x.y.z\ directory to the platform\plugins\ directory and delete the original com.cohga.client.weave.content_x.y.z.jar file.

    1. For Weave 2.6 and later versions, this updated com.cohga.client.weave.content_x.y.z\ directory could be moved into the platform\custom\plugins\ directory.

  12. Delete all files from the configuration directory (c:\weave\platform\configuration) except the config.ini and feliex.fileinstall files.

  13. Restart the Weave service.

  14. Open the Weave client to verify that the new help content is available.

Refer to the Weave Configuration Reference for details on how to set up the Help tool: