How to Test Your Weave Application Integrations

When you are using Weave with an external application, it's sometimes useful to see what parameters are being passed to or from Weave to the external application. This can help if you're not getting the behaviour you were expecting and you need to debug the application integration. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Download DebugView which is an application that lets you view debug output on your local computer.
  2. Run DebugView on the PC where the Weave Client is running and not on the Weave server.
  3. Start the Weave client on your computer.
  4. Once DebugView is running, make a selection in Weave and use the application integration button (e.g. if you are linking to Pathway, select a property or parcel and press the link to Pathway button). 
  5. The DebugView window (or log file) will display debug messages sent from or to the Weave client. These messages should include instances of "Weave" and the application you are linking to (e.g. "Pathway"). In the example given below, Weave is sending this message to Pathway: Send(DISP,0,parc,,N,9800)

    Sample DebugView report
    00000007	19.35297966	[3348] Weave.Pathway: Initialize v1.1.2	
    00000008	19.35331726	[3348] Weave.Pathway: Getting Pathway.Application	
    00000009	19.35530472	[3348] Weave.Pathway: Got Pathway.Application	
    00000010	19.35533524	[3348] Weave.Pathway: Pathway is available	
    00000011	19.35545540	[3348] Weave.Pathway: Send(DISP,0,parc,,N,9800)	
    00000012	19.35548782	[3348] Weave.Pathway: Getting Pathway.Application	
    00000013	19.35642242	[3348] Weave.Pathway: Got Pathway.Application	
    00000014	19.35664368	[3348] Weave.Pathway: Sent	
  6. The debug information that is reported will help you determine whether the correct details are being sent to or from the Weave client.

Futher information on passing parameters to other applications from Weave refer to: Application Integration