Redline Tools

The Redline Toolbar allows you draw and annotate items on the map, these items are known as "Redlines". It allows you to add, select, modify and delete Redlines that have been drawn on the map. The Redline tools allow you to annotate a map which can be printed and the Redlines will appear on the map report.

To access the Redline Tools, click on the Redline tool.

This will open the Redline Toolbar. Here some are examples of this toolbar:

Tedline Toolbar

Redline Tools
Modify / SelectionClick on a Redline to modify or to generate a buffer from

Redline Modify

PointAdd a point to the map

Redline Point

PolylineAdd a polyline to the map

Redline polyline

PolygonAdd a polygon to the map

Redline Polygon

CircleAdd a circle to the map

Redline Circle

SquareAdd a square to the map

Redline Square

RectangleAdd a rectangle to the map

Redline Rectangle

MarkerAdd a marker to the map

Redline Marker

TextAdd text to the map

Buffer Selected FeaturesCreate a buffer around the selected features

Circle by Radius

Create a circular buffer of a specified radius

(From 2.5.28 release)

Buffer Selected Redline

Create a buffer around all the selected Redline objects

Buffer All Redline

Create a buffer around all Redline objects


Fill SettingsChange the fill colour and transparency of the selected features

Line SettingsChange the line colour and transparency of the selected features

Marker SettingsChange the marker colour

Font SettingsChange the font colour and transparency of the selected features

DeleteDelete the currently selected Redline element

Redline Delete

Delete AllDelete all Redline elements

Redline Delete All

GetCreate a Redline item from the currently selected entity/feature

Redline Get

Export to ShapefileExport Redlines to a Shapefile

Export to KMLExport Redlines to a KML file

SaveSave the current set of Redlines

Redline Save

LoadLoad and manage your saved Redlines

Redline Load

SnappingEnable snapping

Snap SettingsAlter the current snapping settings

Redline Snap Settings

Save SettingsSave the current settings as the defaults